Our Money Clips are Unbelievably Lightweight and Strong

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All our money clips weigh less than an ounce. Yet they do a big job keeping your essential cash and cards together. SheClips make a quick get away at the check out. If you haven't tried a money clip, find out what the guys have known for decades.

Why We Love Carbon Fiber

   Dump That Bulky Wallet, Enjoy the Freedom of a Money Clip Made Just For Women


While a big wallet seems like a good idea, it also seems to invite carrying too much stuff. Its heavy. Many don't fit well into small purses. And it can take a while to find exactly what you need. Travel lighter with a money clip made just for women, a SheClip.

 The Holiday Money Clip

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Our money clips and card holders are made from aerospace grade carbon fiber and infused with premium resin. This combination bonds to create a super strong composite material.  Composites are expensive to produce, but valued in premium products for their strength to weight performance.

With all the holiday decorations, why not carry on that holiday feeling by adding a little holiday decoration around your cash and cards. Dump that heavy wallet, and downsize to a money clip. Holds several cards and cash.  Makes a great stocking stuffer!


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